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Offers four types of interpretation services. 

1. Simultaneous Interpreters, the translating ‘live’, 

meaning at the same time as what is being said. This is what you may see on live news feeds for example where sometimes a representative will listen to a delayed translation by a voice other than. At the same time as we listen we also try to translate into a microphone which is sending out the translation via radio-waves to people wearing headsets.

2. Consecutive Interpreters translate what is being said during pauses in speech. This types of interpreter is usual for face to face scenarios such as meetings, court cases, interviews, etc. It can take place between two or many people. Consecutive interpreting is more than likely what is used when there are smaller numbers of people. It is also known an liaison interpreting.

3. Whisper Interpreters, translation is live in a sense, but without all the equipment. What usually happens is the interpreter sits next to or near the person(s) needing the translation and whispers what is being said so as not to disturb those around them.

4. Phone Interpreters, essentially carry out consecutive interpreting over the phone between one or more parties.


Interpretation Services

  • Corporate Meetings
  • Telephone Interpreting
  • Hospitals/Medical
  • Appointments
  • Simultaneous
  • Conference Interpreters
  • Court/Legal/Depositions